Joseph Tilton

Throughout this book personal information is inserted when it applies to the topic and chapter. Here is additional information that has led to Apocalypse.

Education truly began after college. World travel, serving in the U.S. Military, seeing triumph and tragedy as a journalist, broadcast station owner and manager, prompted an even deeper desire for foundations of knowledge glossed over by the majority. The question asked of my teachers, “So, how do you know that?” must be answered by me. Still I wonder; who am I to write about truth? How am I worthy to feel so driven to take on the subject? While serving as a Sunday school teacher and managing a broadcast property, I overheard my news director recording an interview with a language professor. A quick note asking that he be put on hold for a conversation with me began a nine-year study. Such independent and deep lessons under guidance of amazing brilliance resulted in how to study rather than what to think. No, I don’t have a “ticket” that a course of study in truth was completed. How does one acknowledge a lifetime of searching for revealing information other than writing about it? And, it has been true with me that a strong desire to know and understand something results in finding the answers. So, the search resulting in this book has spanned 40-years and continues with as much intensity as when mysteries were first presented.

There are those amazing intellects in academia and professors/teachers who are greatly admired. As for me, I would rather keep learning, digging and uncovering the truths of this spectacular life on this amazing planet, sharing it with those who wish to know.

A comment heard often is; “You have done everything!” Besides research in antiquity, sciences, aerospace and more, add to my skills such things as auto body, photography, welding, classic cars, auto racing, marksmanship, government, education, marketing, music and community planning. Mentorship, working with abused children, Harley riding, travel and engineering are added. I live in Michigan with my partner Connie and our dog Lucy. While I report for a newspaper, writing, such as you see in Apocalypse, is where my time is best used. That is the reason for the commitment to writing Volume II. Come join me for another journey in truth.


Joseph Tilton