New Books Coming

Two projects, one from several years ago and another that’s new, will be available soon.

Rev. Carl was written in 1991 and sat on the shelf for a future time.  Now, the book is being prepared for Amazon distribution.  This book is a study of interactions between religion and politics while written as an action-packed historical novel.  The story takes place between 1893 and 1901.  This book would make an excellent movie.

The book in the works is called Giant Leap.  This “sort of” science fiction novel takes place a very few years in the future.  It does involve space, man’s travel there and the reasons.  With help from a real rocket scientist, the reader learns why a space program is critical and how humanity will benefit.  However, this book is not all technical.  There’s a frightening story within the story.

Volume II of Apocalypse is also in progress.  This one will be released as more sales of the first volume increase.

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Author Signing Events & Eve of Destruction

Some of the most amazing discussions are happening at our book signings.  Lakeview, Michigan’s Tamarack Library hosted an event in January, and another is February 6th in Wyoming, Michigan at Aurora Pond Retirement Community.  The other awesome news comes from Stanton, Michigan.  A new writers’ group begins February 28th at the White Pine Library, 6:00 p.m.  This group meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.

Sales of the book are slow, but steady.  It’s amazing how relevant this book is to happenings in society.  The ability to distinguish between lies and truth is obviously lost, and with that fact, the most free society in the history of humanity is on the verge of destruction.  You will find in the book how lies, which are nothing, lead to evil, which is nothingness.  This marvelous gift of language and communication is being so misused for evil, that there is no way we can progress by continuing such practices on each other.

There’s times I feel as if this book is meant for a future time when we have hit bottom, fallen to tyranny and some leader finds these truths and builds something great on the knowledge that we can use truth for good–we must insist on truth or there is nothing.

Not only is Volume II being written, but a new book as well.  Science fiction is being tried for the first time.  Don’t take that lightly.  Truths and philosophies relayed in Apocalypse are included in this new work.  It’s 12-chapters of the future of mankind–not prophesy, but a hypothetical solution to our demise.  Technology has reached a “near point” with population growth that an answer must be found before human life is no longer important.  Hope you “stay tuned” for this piece.

Christmas Mysticism Revealed

First, an Author’s Reception will be held at the Tamarack Ligrary in Lakeview, MI, January 12, 2019 at 11:00.  Come join the discussion.

Star of Wonder – Joe Tilton

Christmas is told in story form, and is repeated every year to allow young children to begin understandings of the Event.  What a wonderful tradition.

There are stories that relay history while others are literature.  Considering the Christmas Story from the perspective of magnificent meanings will help some adults see this celebrated Event “with the lights on,” so to speak.  Here are some meanings you may not have considered.

The Star of Bethlehem is a favorite, showing anticipation of something significant in humanity’s understanding of life.  This “sign” from a higher plain is an invitation to “come and see” something spectacular in its infancy.  The words “Star” and “Bethlehem” are loaded with background information to give us a greater grasp of the story’s meaning and purpose.

This Star, according to Matthew, was in the East.  But wait, if the star was in the east and Bethlehem was west of them, how did something in the eastern sky take them west?  Was the Star was behind them?  Was it a “light in the sky?”  Perhaps a UFO was up there for two years; the length of their trip by camel.  Was it an astrological event as some claim?  If so, why did the Jews not see something so obvious in the sky?  There was no light pollution those days, and the sky was a night-time canvas of wonderment.

We read in Matthew 2:2, a quote by one of the Wise Men, “We have seen His star in the East, and we have come to worship Him.”  Hmm, he didn’t say, “…his star in the west.”  What’s going on?  Is Matthew’s account wrong or is there a mistranslation?  No.

Throughout scripture keys are missing to so much knowledge, including; “East,” to the ancient cultures, meant what is inside a person.  “West” means what is outside us.  The dividing or decision line was represented by the Jordan River.  Too, east and west require a decision.  You can walk west all your life and never go east without a decision to turn around.  North and south are different.  Walk north long enough and eventually you will, without a decision to turn around, be going south.

Now, apply what the ancients understood to this Story.  The Wise Men were following their faith and expectations of a “light” shining brightly in their hearts, within them.  We know there is more to life than the physical realm.  The Story names anyone seeking Truth as “wise.”  Perhaps the “Star in the East” has nothing to do with a light in the night sky, but the light that burns for truth within each of us.

Bethlehem is hugely significant in this Story.  As most cities have a reputation influenced by industry in their midst, so did Bethlehem.  That’s where the bread-making industry was during the time of Christ.  The City was in the middle of the wheat-growing region of Israel and was significant in supplying most of the Nation with food.  How does bread relate to Messiah?  John 6:35 reads, “I am the living God, The Bread of Life.  Whoever comes to me shall not hunger and whoever trusts in me shall never thirst.”  Search Scripture and you will find that bread is always a symbol of truth and truth is critical to life.  Remember His comment at the Last Supper, “This is my body broken for you,” as he broke the bread?  His claim, “I am the Truth” (John 16) is also important to remember.

It was understood by the Wise Men that Bethlehem then and now means, “Place (house) of Bread,” the symbol of truth; precisely what the travelers were seeking.

The Wise Men also went to Jerusalem first.  Why?  The City’s name means “Place of Peace.”  The “Prince of Peace” sould reside there, but mankind refuses peace for personal gain and power, something true since Adam.  Later, Christ entered Jerusalem, but man wanted nothing to do with Truth and the killed him.

If we follow the light in our souls, it always leads us to the place of truth.

As written in my book Apocalypse, The Ultimate Battle for the Soul of Humanity, “Truth is brutal; grace allows us to accept it.”  Grace afforded humanity comes in the form of a newborn.  There’s nothing brutal about an infant.  His arrival this way means His truth grows on us as it/He matures.  Too, arrival of an infant in a family calls us together in support and love while the child “grows on us” and becomes family.  Such is the way truth is best applied.  He is the Personification of Truth, the Star of our lives.

An observation of modern society indicates deniers of truth are the same ones wanting to suppress Christmas.  That’s nothing new; Herod did the same thing by trying to wipe out this Truth that was destined to grow on his subjects.

Oh, there’s more to understanding the mysticism of the Christmas Story, and it’s so convenient to keep it in the infant stage and avoid maturity.  Yet for we adults, the Story is much more applicable to our lives if we climb the levels of understanding.

May you hear “O Little Town of Bethlehem” a bit differently now.

Every Christmas, accepted for what it truly means, is—a Merry Christmas.

Events and Work Continue

An amazing event was hosted by the Stanton, Michigan Library (White Pine Library) on November 13, 2018.  The gathering was announced as a book signing, yet several were there who had already purchased the book and wanted to hear more.  This had to be one of the most uplifting and exciting library events I’ve ever attended.  Patty, the Director, had prepared food, and I thank her!  The background of the book was disclosed, along with reading of a chapter from Volume II.  What seemed to resonate most was explanations of several “mystical” meanings referred to in the book.  After the event, some stayed around for further discussion, which also was quite exciting.

From this book signing, it is clearly evident that so much is misunderstood about ancient literature and what it means, and should mean, to society today.

I’d love to hear from you.  And, I would delight in more book signings and open discussions about this book.

Apocalypse is NOT on Amazon just yet.  Plans are to go there when this press run is closer to sellout.  So for the time being, order a copy from this site, download as via instructions, or schedule a book signing at your location.

More posts are coming between chapters of Volume II.  The next book will be a strong addition to the first.

Word is Spreading

As our political system debates what is truth and lies, the issue of truth is becoming more important.  Lazy journalism that copies from each other inadvertently repeats lies with regularity and often enough that it feels like truth.  Those who initiate lies are building “weapons” of pseudo truth that look and sound like the real thing, but is not.  Wise ones are not so quick to buy into lies masquerading as truth.

Accurately marking the line between truth and lies is as important as your life and your freedom.  It’s humanity’s dark side the loves power but has no idea what to do with it once acquired–like a dog catching a train.

Your input is important as Volume II is being written.  A list of chapters has been made, and outline, yet it’s better to answer your suggestions, so send email to

Book Premise Demonstrated

Even the subject of disagreement brings on disagreement.  It’s happening again.

As the Book is marketed and people ask, “What’s it about?” the discussion quickly turns to an attitude of, “If you disagree with me, I want nothing to do with it.”  Have we become so solidified in our attitudes that we cannot, or will not consider another point of view, or at least honor the person with a different view?  That’s pretty sad if we can’t, because every person on earth has different experiences.  There is no consideration any more, just hardened “facts” or perceptions that shall never be shaken without violence.

As said to a friend recently who warned about going into a subject that is controversial, “I jumped into controversy with both feet.”  Still, coming to something, just something we can agree on, is critical to humanity’s survival, otherwise war breaks out an we kill anyone with a different point of view.

Help wake up the human race.  This Book needs to read and understood.

Reading the Book

Responses have included, “I’m taking my time.”  Another comment was, “Every page has a line I want to put on my wall.”  A consensus is that readers are  not speeding through it.  Not one reader has reported that they have read this book in one setting.

I’m interested in your thoughts, particularly as I write Volume II.  You see a sample chapter on this site, and it may be wise to replace it with another for an additional taste of the next book.

Please spread the word about the book.  And, I hope to have the audio of the first radio interview up soon, or as soon as it’s received.


Responses & Reactions

True, this is not a “typical” book.  Intentionally, it’s a thought starter for discussion.  It’s interesting to receive comments on how personal this book is because basics of life are expanded.

While friends are buying the book, as I thought they would, buyers include Catholics, Buddhists and people of every religious and spiritual thought.  Atheists are in the list as well.

One line of thought in responses was about how governmental leaders have tried to corral us into a “baseline of truth” with efforts like “One-world government” and single-party rule–like that is going to bring peace against the human spirit to be and think freely.

As explained in the book, religion has hijacked truth, twisted it to their liking and claimed their view as THE TRUTH for the rest of the world to follow.

What should we follow?  Who is right?  What force do right-fighters have to make the world fit their image?

Additionally, Volume II is under construction.  …can’t wait for the chapter written today to come out.  Talk about making some people mad!  Perhaps it’s time for some basic-level thinking in a high state of mind to cause harmony to break out everywhere.  Confused?  By the book for an un-confusing session.

You can download the digital for $10.

Radio Interviews

The first of what we pray are many radio interviews can be heard live on, which is the web distribution of KWFS in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Tune in at 7:30 (Central) August 8 for the 10-minute interview.  Other interviews are being arranged, and when they are secured, the information will be posted on this site and Facebook/Apocalypse Revealed.

A common thread appears to be elevated interest among people who know there is more to life–a spiritual element, yet have issues with religion as the guide to greater understanding.  Some have an attitude that they want what this book teaches because they desire the baseline, the nitty-gritty level of what makes success or causes failure.  Then there are some that respond with, “I’m spiritual but not religious.”

Apocalypse has no demands on being spiritual, but rather cuts to that baseline of understanding so we can live in peace with ourselves and each other.  It’s not my truth that is important, it is the example of truth as we all should understand and be at least consider its reality.

Help spread the word!  Help get this book into universities and group studies of all kinds.  Thank you in advance.

Is this Your Experience?

A very nice gentleman bought a copy of Apocalypse yesterday.  As we talked, he relayed how a preacher said to him, “You’d better come see me before you burst into flames.”  The real message was, “If you don’t believe like me, you’re going to hell.”

The first question for the self-righteous preacher is, “By what authority do you judge this man?”  And, “How is it that you know about this man’s relationship with God/Love?”

This book is just what is needed to set some things straight; NOT that it’s a new measurement for judging, but another understanding about what is worth accepting and what must be rejected.

Modern-day religion has so solidified thinking, and then divided into dogmatic camps, that placing faith in any line of thought is very confusing.  This is not what Love intended, since Love unifies, cares, cherishes and creates good.

A chapter in Apocalypse is titled, “What a Fool Believes.”  It’s not that fools believe, but rather creating a pillar of lies to lean on and invite others to join them is foolish.  That pillar will crumble and cause the ones depending on it to crash if it’s not complete truth.

You can now order the book for download.  Go to the “Buy” page.  It’s only $10.